CCTV Top Brand & Quality

CCTV Top Brand & Quality

For a large factory or a small mom-and-pop operation, ETTech CCTV can help you assemble the perfect low-cost but Hi-Quality solution for discrete indoor/outdoor surveillance. Our CCTV systems can be monitored remotely from the comfort of your home. ETTech CCTV, carries a wide selection of CCTV cameras outfitted with dynamic IP support for internet monitoring over DSL or Cable. There isn’t an area too dim or an angle to awkward. We got you covered.We only use the highest quality Sony and other Brand Cameras that register the highest allowable resolution for analog systems which is 700 tvl. This will give you a facial recognition quality for any budget system. Win Win for you!


DVR – Digital Video Recording of your Business or Home

Available as a standalone component or as a PC based plug-and-play card, the digital video recorder (DVR) captures video from the CCTV cameras and stores the data on a hard drive rather than a video tape. Because the footage is transferred to a digital based storage medium, more information can be saved for future reference. Rather than exchange video tapes or run a continuous loop, a DVR allows upwards of a month of footage to be saved for review before running out of memory. Additionally, the quality of picture remains perfectly intact from camera to DVR.





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