Data Recovery Pricing

How much does data recovery cost?

Now more than ever this is a great question that we frequently get asked. Our data recovery prices are flat-rate, prices based on average labor and material costs as well as years of experience with hard drive data recovery.
We charge according to the actual amount of labor that will go into recovering the hard drive. We do not charge according to how valuable the data is to you.

Generally, prices for data recovery can widely vary from vendor to vendor. Take a few minutes to read through how our prices for hard drive recovery stand apart from the rest.
• We will give you a written quote (Note: Not an Estimate) up-front, prior to any data recovery.
• You'll know exactly what to expect cost wise once your files have been recovered. As a matter of fact, we will provide you with a written quote prior to and recovery being performed. You won't be "held hostage for a hefty ransom" once we recover your data. Some call our prices for data recovery 'Full Disclosure'. We call it FAIR and UP-FRONT pricing.
• Our Data Recovery Prices are based upon our extensive experience, commitment to quality and to successfully recovering your data at a Fair Price.

What sets ETTECH Data Recovery apart from the rest:
One major difference in how we have always set ourselves apart in the data recovery field is that we will provide you with a Firm Up-Front price for data recovery right over the phone or via email. Its' quick and easy.

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