On Demand Support Services

ETTechs's 'On Demand Business Support Services' give you affordable access to a responsive, professional and complete IT department, when you need us. NOW

Minimizing down-time and providing competent IT support delivers a benefit to all areas of a business, maximizing the most precious resource you have - time.

Your Business is Our Priority

We offer expert technicians and engineers that can help your business support needs when you need it.. NOW!. Wether it is onsite required support or you are traveling on business and need remote support. We are here to help you. Please contact us to set you up an account and get your support moving now.

A proactive and flexible IT service plan for small, medium or large businesses to get the IT support they need when they need it.

ETTechs's On Demand IT Service gives small businesses access to a complete IT department, a proactive and automated preventative maintenance schedule, and the flexibility to control IT budgets. ETTech's On Demand IT Service is ideal for small businesses seeking more than just reactive hourly IT support.

ETTech's team consists of a complete IT department that is at your disposal with just a phone call or email. You will have access to complete network support from our remote and onsite highly trained engineers should the need arise. Everon understands that response times are critical when you have technology issues.

On Demand Plan includes support of one server and up to 10 PCs. Additional PCs and servers can be added on to perfectly tailor this plan for your needs.

ETTech's On Demand IT Service accommodates both small businesses and larger organizations that are seeking security and maintenance for their network. ETTech's On Demand IT Service includes all of below IT services and access to ETTech's experienced technology team.

PC, Server, Network Maintenance

  • Automated Scheduled Anti Virus Updates
  • Automated Scheduled Spyware Prevention and Deletion
  • Automated Temp File Deletion
  • Automate Patch Assessments & Updates
  • Comprehensive Tracking of All Software and Hardware on Each Desktop/Laptop

Our 'Award Winning' and Uninturrupted 24/7/365 Server and Network Monitoring is just the ticket!  

Get the piece of mind you and your business deserver with 24/7 Systems Monitoring from ETTECH. Our award systems monitoring will keep your networking running smooth and keep your IT department and you up to date on any issue, systems down, network error, virus/worm, updates and security patches, etc. Now this is proactive!

Know if your network needs attention before it's too late. Monday morning has enough punch for one day. Don't let it be your Down Day either! Sign up today for our Best Selling Network and Systems Monitoring. Call us at 828-829-1999

Get alerts on your email, phone as a text message alert. Never leave home without it! Its like having a full team working 24/7 just to make sure your systems are up and running smooth. At the fraction of the cost! Sign up today. Call us to speak to a Trained Professional Engineer about your monitoring needs. Call us at 828-829-1999




Contact us to get a custom plant setup for your busienss today. 828-829-1999 Or contact us here


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